Anthology Preface and Table of Contents

Due Dates
First Submission: 11/13
Second Submission: 12/2 (submitted as part of Final Project)

Throughout the semester you have been researching a topic, collecting summaries of possible chapters in your anthology, and considering the purpose and audience of your anthology. Now is your chance to pull it all together by composing the preface to your anthology. Your preface should be 2000-2500 words long, and you will also hand in a 'Table of Contents' for your book. The preface will serve to introduce readers to your text, map out all of the various arguments your text includes, explain how these arguments clash or overlap, and explain the purpose of the book. As you write the preface, think about the issues we have considered all semester long:

* Who is the audience?

* What is the purpose?

* Why did you choose to include the pieces that appear in the book?

* Who are the authors and what qualifies them to speak on this issue?

* What are the various overlaps and collisions that happen between the various texts you have brought together in this anthology?

* How are you having your say? (On the state of the debate? The solution? See chapters 13-17 in Charney)

* How is the book organized? Why?

* What other books are similar to your anthology? How is your anthology different?

Grading Criteria
You will turn in your preface and a table of contents. This assignment accounts for 20% of your final grade. When grading this assignment, I will be evaluating the following:

* Is your paper formatted correctly? (MLA format: one-inch margins, double spaced, citing any texts not included in your anthology on a 'Works Cited' page.)

* Have you appealed to the audience of your text?

* Have you explained the purpose of the text?

* Have you explained how these arguments work clash and/or overlap?

* Does the preface show evidence that you've thoroughly researched the topic?

* Have you chosen appropriate pieces for your anthology?

* Is your proposal written effectively and coherently with very few grammatical errors?

* Was the paper turned in on time? (Reminder: I do not accept late work.)