Topic Proposal

Due Date: 9/25

Your topic proposal will be 250 words (roughly one page, double spaced) and will give me snapshot of where your project stands at the moment. While your goals and ideas for the anthology will most likely shift throughout the semester, by the time you submit your topic proposal you should be thinking about the general shape of your book. Your topic proposal should address some of the following questions:

* What is your research question? What question are you asking and (maybe) trying to answer?
* What is the anthology about? Are there similar texts? How will yours be different?
* Who is the audience for your anthology?
* What are the goals of your anthology?
* What kinds of writings will be included? Essays? Scholarly articles? A collection of both?
* How might you be organizing the text? Will it have different sections?
* How will you be using the tools and concepts we have talked about in class?

Grading Criteria

The topic proposal accounts for 5% of your grade. When grading topic proposals, I will be evaluating the following:

* Is your paper formatted correctly (one page, double-spaced, name in upper-left-hand corner, title centered)?
* Have you provided evidence that you've begun to do research?
* Have you provided evidence that you are beginning to progress on the project?
* Does your proposal explain how you will use the tools and concepts we've talked about in class?
* Is your paper written effectively and coherently with very few grammatical errors?
* Was the paper turned in on time? (Reminder: I do not accept late work.)

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