Book Proposal

Due Dates
First Submission: 10/21
Second Submission: 10/30

The book you are compiling will have a particular purpose and will be for a particular kind of audience. For these reasons, you will have to seek out the appropriate publisher for your book and pitch your book to that publisher. Your proposal will take the form of a letter to the publisher that you think is the best fit for your book. Your book proposal will be about 1,000 words (roughty two pages, single-spaced) and should include the following:

* Your name (remember, you are the editor) and the name of your book
* An explanation of why you've chosen this publisher
* A discussion of why your book is an exciting and unique contribution to an ongoing conversation.
* Names of the authors who will be contributing to your anthology and an explanation of why you chose them
* A description of the book's content and its purpose
* An explanation about what is new or different about it
* Your intended audience for the book (i.e., who's going to buy it?)

Grading Criteria
The book proposal accounts for 10% of your grade. When grading this assignment, I will be evaluating the following:

* Is your book proposal formatted correctly? Does it look like a letter?
* Have you explained why a publisher should be excited about or interested in this project?
* Have you provided evidence that you've researched book publishers?
* Have you clearly articulated the audience and purpose of your anthology?
* Have you properly gauged your audience for this book proposal? Have you shaped your message for that audience?
* Is your proposal written effectively and coherently with very few grammatical errors?
* Was the paper turned in on time? (Reminder: I do not accept late work.)

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