Book Jacket Design

Due Dates: 12/4 (submitted as part of Final Project)

While many publishers would hire a graphic designer to design the book jacket of an anthology, you will be acting as a part-time graphic designer for your text. You will design front and back covers and inside flaps for your book using Adobe InDesign. Remember that arguments are not only made with words - they are made through pictures and through design as well. Some people will make their decision about whether or not to read your book based on the jacket design. As you design your jacket consider the following things:

*What image or images do you want to include?

*What fonts should you use?

*What colors should you use?

*What "blurbs" should be included and who should write them? (You can make these up.)

*What content should be on the inside flaps?

*How much summary should be included on the back cover or on the inside flaps?

Grading Criteria
The book jacket design accounts for 10% of your grade. When grading this assignment, I will be evaluating the following:

* Is your book jacket formatted correctly? Does it look like the cover of a book?
* Does the jacket design reflect serious thought? Have you carefully considered how you're using image and text?
* Have you done research to determine the best people to "blurb" your book?
* Does the jacket design provide different kinds of information (different genres of writing) that gives the reader a sense of what the book is about?
* Have you properly gauged your audience? Have you shaped your message for that audience?
* Is the text on the inside flaps and/or back cover written effectively and coherently with very few grammatical errors?
* Was the assignment turned in on time? (Reminder: I do not accept late work.)

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