Livetweeting Lectures

During lectures in this class, students will be using Twitter to "livetweet." This will serve as a way for students to engage with the lecture material, ask questions about that material, and even to interact with each other during lecture.

You are required to tweet at least five times during class discussion, and you must use the lecture hashtag #eng177 in order to get credit for your tweets. You are encouraged to retweet anything you find interesting or worthy of passing along, but a retweet does not count toward your five tweets. While you will not be graded on the content of your tweets, your TAs will be tracking the Twitter conversation during class to make sure that your posts pertain to lecture. In addition, TAs will be ensuring that each student meets the minimum number of required tweets.

If you already have a Twitter account, you may use that account during lecture. You may also choose to set up a separate Twitter account for this class. Regardless, the Twitter account you use for this class cannot be "protected," and you will have to share your Twitter username with your TA.

While there are any number of ways to approach livetweeting during lecture, here are a few suggestions for how you might approach these posts:

  • Summary: A summary of a point or argument made during lecture. This kind of tweet might summarize an argument made by the person lecturing, or it might summarize an argument that the lecturer is citing.
  • Link: A link to something mentioned during lecture or to something relevant to the discussion.
  • Question: A question you have about material covered in the lecture. TAs will keep an eye on the Twitter stream, and we will try to answer your questions either during the lecture period or during Labs.
  • Answer: An answer to a classmate's question. Maybe you know the answer to a question asked during lecture. Why not answer it?

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