In-class writing activities (10%)

At various points throughout the semester, you will be asked to respond to writing prompts at the beginning of class. I will not announce these exercises in advance. These will be informal exercises, and they will be designed to spark your thinking and get you ready for class discussion. You will have roughly 10-15 minutes to complete these assignments, and they can take many forms: free writing, notes, mind maps, drawings, and more. They can be completed on paper or electronically, as long as you can show me something that demonstrates you have completed the assignment and addressed the prompt.

There will be 10 of these activities, and they are worth 1 point each (meaning that each paper represents one percentage point of your grade). Papers will be are graded on a credit/no credit basis. You will receive a grade of either 1 point or 0 points on each paper. There are no word minimums or limits on these assignments, but what you produce should demonstrate that you've taken time to thoughtfully respond to the prompt.

If you are not present in class on the day we complete these exercises, you will not be able to earn credit for these assignments.

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