Mastodon Posts (15%)

In this class, we will be using an open source social networking platform called Mastodon to share observations with one another. My hope is that you can use this space to discuss course readings or to share things that you find outside of class that are relevant to our discussions. Mastodon allows us to have a conversation amongst the members of our class conversation, but we are also able to follow users who are in other Mastodon communities.

Each week, I'll ask you complete at least five Mastodon "engagements." This means posting your own content, or interacting with a classmate. You may also "boost" someone else's post, but this won't count as an "engagement."

Twice during the semester, you will also complete a piece of writing (Mastodon reports) that offers you space to reflect on your Mastodon posts. The more active you are on Mastodon and the more seriously you take these posts, the easier it will be to write those reflections.

When determining whether or not you get credit for your Mastodon posts, I will be asking

  • Does your post demonstrate that you are thinking carefully about our readings and discussions?
  • Does your post demonstrate that you are considering what was posted previously by others in class and engaging in a conversation with the rest of the group?
  • Does your post provide evidence that you've tried to make connections between class discussions and readings and things you've encountered outside of class?
  • Does your post demonstrate that you have put forth a good faith effort at completing the assignment?

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