Comparative Textual Media Paper (5%)

Due December 5

In a 1500-2500 word paper, you will explain how your subfield is related to a comparative textual media approach. Hayles and Pressman argue that the CTM approach can and should be the way forward for humanities research, and some of the fields and subfields have more obvious connections to that approach than others. Some are already making the shift, and others are not. Your task in this paper is to lay out how the subfield you have researched and profiled is related to CTM. For some, this paper will document the research already happening in the area and how we might classify it as CTM, and for others this may mean describing how research in the area could more explicitly take up a CTM approach.

When grading these papers, I will be asking the following questions:

  • Does the paper demonstrate detailed research into the subfield?
  • Does the paper provide evidence that the author understands how this subfield is related to the comparative textual media approach?
  • Does the paper demonstrate that the author understands the comparative textual media approach and its significance?
  • Is the paper carefully written, and does it observer the word requirements?

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