Final Project (30%)

For your final project, you will choose one of the short responses and expand it to propose a larger project. This means that you should consider each of these short writing assignments as potential rough drafts for that final project.

Your final project is not actually a completed project but is instead a proposed project. The proposal will be submitted as a written document, and you will also deliver a brief, informal presentation that explains your proposal to the class.

There is no minimum or maximum length for the written proposal. However, your in-class presentation cannot be longer than 10 minutes.

Here is what your final proposal and presentation should contain:

1) Explain how you came to a research question that you would like to pursue. Which text, question, or issue in class provoked this line of thinking for you? Which writing prompt was the "start" of this idea?

2) What is your research question? What do you want to ask, and why?

3) Who is the audience you imagine for this project? Who has tried to ask and answer a similar research question? Here is the section you can imagine to be the bibliography for the project. Which of the authors that we have read do you think would be the target audience for this research? Which authors that we haven't read might be in that audience? Look at who our texts cite and drill down into other potential works that we haven't directly addressed in class.

4) What method would you use to do this research? How would you carry out the research, and what would your "stuff" or "data" be for this project? Would it be an archival project? A project that examines some data set? A close analysis of some specific digital system? Something else? You do not have to know all the details of your research method, but you should at least explain the kind of research you would hope to do and the kinds of texts or artifacts you'd examine.

5) What would you expect to find in this study and why?

6) What form would the final product take? Is it a piece of writing? A video? An audio project? Something else? Explain and justify your choice of medium.

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