Final Project and Presentation (Due 12/5)

Your final project in this class will be an expansion or revision of something you began during our workshop sessions. This is the biggest and most significant task you will complete in the class, so you should be clear that this is a significant piece of work that demonstrates your learning development in the class. In addition to completing a final project, you will also complete an 8-minute presentation during which you will present and explain the project to me and your classmates.

Your proposal (due November 16) will detail what you plan to make, what medium you'll use, and how you plan to complete the project during the closing weeks of the semester. I will provide feedback on that proposal as well as on the final project.

When providing feedback on final projects and presentations, here are the questions I will be asking:

  • Is it clear to your audience what your project is trying to accomplish (i.e. what idea you're trying to convey or what argument you're trying to make)?
  • Does the project show evidence that you've researched your chosen topic?
  • Have you made effective use of your chosen medium? Does the medium fit what you are trying to accomplish?
  • Is your project accessible? Can your audience effectively interact with/read/watch/listen to it?
  • Is your presentation carefully designed? Does it reflect that you've applied what we talked about in terms of slide design and time management? Does it observe the time limit?

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