Paper 1

RHE 309K (43990)
Fall 2005
Jim Brown

Due Dates
•9/20: Paper Proposal Due
•9/27: First Submission Due
•10/11: Second Submission Due

Paper Description
In Remediation and The Medium is the Massage, we have read about how media act on us in a number of different ways. According to these theories, the medium isn't just a container for an argument. Rather, media shape, constrain, and open up the possibilities of an argument.

In this first paper, you'll be analyzing a text of some sort in terms of the media it takes uses. You'll discuss the different ways your texts "writes" and how those different ways of writing shape the argument. During our class discussions we've defined the terms writing, text, and literacy very broadly, and you'll do the same for this paper. A text can be a film, novel, short story, poem, television show, webpage, or any other type of "text" you can imagine.

Regardless of the text you choose, you should be considering how it uses different media to present its argument or purpose. Keep in mind that the argument of a text is not always completely obvious or explicit. In addition, texts can have a number of different arguments happening at once.

Paper Proposals
Your paper proposals will be a paragraph about your paper topic. This paragraph will explain the text your examining and how you think an analysis of that text will play out. How does its medium (or its different media) shape, change, or direct its argument or purpose?

Paper proposals are not a "contract." You may find that your topic or argument changes as you begin to write. This is not a problem. The proposal is merely a way to get you thinking about the project.

Post your paper proposals as a blog entry by 9:30am on Tuesday, September 20.

Submission Guidelines

Like your proposals, you'll be submitting your papers to via your blogs. However, your paper will NOT be in the form of a blog entry. You will submit your paper as an attachment to a blog entry using the "attach new file" function. As noted at the top of this sheet, your first submission is due on 9/27 and your second submission is due on 10/11.

Please note that first submission does not mean "rough draft." Your first submission should be a good-faith attempt at completing the assignment. I will comment on first submissions using Microsoft Word Commenting. These comments will help you to approach a thoughtfully revised second submission.

Format Guidelines

Your final draft should be 4-6 pages long, typed, double-spaced, and carefully proofread. Any references to articles or other research must be in MLA format. REFER TO THE SF EXPRESS HANDBOOK. THE PAPER VERSION OF YOUR DRAFT SHOULD LOOK LIKE THE MODEL PAPER ON PAGES 87-98 of SF Express. If you don't have the SF Express handbook, you must use some other MLA manual.

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