Unit 1: New Horizons for the Literary

January 23

  • Hayles, pp1-30
  • Leishman, Deviant: The Possession of Christian Shaw

    Jim's Presentations:
    The Electronic Literary: An Introduction [Prezi] [PDF]
    Intermediation [Prezi] [PDF]

January 30

February 6

  • Hayles, pp87-126
  • Kate Pullinger and babel, Inanimate Alice, Episode 1: China
  • Summary/Analysis Paper 2 Due

    Jim's Presentations:
    The Body and the Machine - Recap [Prezi] [PDF]
    How Electronic Literature Revalues Computational Practice [Prezi], [PDF]

Friday, February 10


February 13

  • Hayles, pp131-157
  • Wardrip-Fruin, Durand, Moss, and Froehlich, Regime Change
  • Summary/Analysis Paper 3 Due

    Jim's Presentations:
    How E-lit Revalues Computational Practice [Prezi] [PDF]
    The Future of Literature [Prezi] [PDF]

February 20

  • Hayles, pp159-170
  • Bring draft of Expanded Summary-Analysis Paper to class
  • In class: Short Writing Exercise, Paper Workshop

February 24

  • Expanded Summary-Analysis Paper Due by midnight

Unit 2: Twisty Little Passages

February 27

  • Montfort, pp1-36
  • For a Change (Schmidt)
  • In class: Inform7 Workshop

March 5

  • Montfort 65-94
  • Adventure (Crowther and Woods)
  • In class: Inform7 Workshop

    Jim's Presentations:
    Riddles and Interactive Fiction [Prezi] [PDF]
    Adventure and its Ancestors [Prezi] [PDF]

March 10


March 12

  • Montfort, pp95-118
  • Zork (Anderson, Blank, Daniels, and Lebling)
  • In class: Inform7 Workshop
  • Interactive Fiction Project 1.0 (completed in class)

    Jim's Presentations:
    Zork and Other Mainframe Works [Prezi] [PDF]

March 19

  • Montfort, 193-222
  • Book and Volume (Montfort)
  • In class: Inform7 Workshop
  • Inform7 Project 2.0; Paper, first draft (both saved to Dropbox prior to class)

March 26

  • Montfort, pp223-233
  • Inform7 Workshop
  • Inform7 Project 3.0; Paper, second draft (both saved to Dropbox prior to class)

    Jim's Presentations:
    Interactive Fiction's Impacts [Prezi] [PDF]

March 30

  • Game+Short Paper Due at noon
  • Final Inform7 and Paper Due (both saved to Dropbox prior to class)

Unit 3: How To Do Things With Videogames

April 9

April 16

  • Bogost, “Art,” "Empathy," Conclusion
  • Bogost, read your group's chapter
  • Group Project Workshop

April 23

  • Bogost, re-read your group's assigned chapter
  • Group Project Workshop

April 30

  • Group Project Workshop
  • Group Presentation, Dry Run

May 7

  • Group Presentations
  • Final LRO Questions
  • Course Evaluations

May 14


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