Log Book (due Fridays at noon)

A great deal of your work for this class will happen in your log book. The log book is a Google document that you share with me in which you'll write weekly reflections on our workshops, readings, and on potential final projects that you are considering.

Log book entries are a minimum of 300 words, and you are free to write more than that. They are due every Friday at noon.

Your log book serves as a space to write about our course activities and also as a key place to see your learning development. When you put together your midterm and final Learning Record, you'll have the opportunity to re-read your log book entries and use them as evidence in your argument about your learning. In addition, this is a place to think about which technologies you might like to use in your final project.

The more effort you put in to log book entries, the more success you'll have in both your Learning Record and in your final project.

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